About Kushal Bharat Free Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream of a 'Digital India' is moving towards its goal with quick pace, with every state enjoying the perks of adopting digital systems. The 'Digital India' programme in every state is changing the face of the work culture.

Taking an inspiration form Digital India program, Kushal Bharat organisation has decided to provide free laptops to pursuing students in the India. The free laptops would be given to the economically backward students in the current academic year. Students from 11th standard to final year degree programs are eligible to the program.

Kushal Bharat campaign aims at supporting students from our villages to cities of our nation. Digital education is the current need for students to improve them self and Kushal Bharat is working only for students to make them a digital empower of the nation by this small contribution for the students.


Our mission under Kushal Bharat organization is to contribute maximum benefits to the young financially weak. Our mission will support them to achieve superior position also to become self-capable.


We oath to provide maximum support in skill development of financially weak students to serve nation with pride and honor.